Barbiecore Hair Styling

Barbiecore Hair Styling

With the much-anticipated release of the new Barbie film tomorrow, everyone is talking about Barbiecore.

If you’ve seen the movie promo, you’ll know Margot Robbie rocks some gorgeous hairstyles as Barbie…but will these adapt to suit salon trends? We’ve asked 7 different stylists what they think about Barbiecore and they’ve shared how they would recreate a few looks from the Barbie movie using Unite products.

Thoughts on Barbiecore…

Narad Kutowaroo, Unite UK ambassador: The Barbiecore trend is everywhere already. Having been shooting for quite a bit, the anticipation of the movie has already been seen on the high street. Some of my favourite brands have already brought out pink t-shirts. Hair-wise, it’s amazing to see Barbie in different styles. We have Barbie’s of different ethnicities and all hair-types. The one defining factor of Barbie’s hair is that it is bigger and better than how you’d normally wear it. We see more volume. If it’s straight it is super-straight. If it’s long then it’s super long. If it’s short, it’s short, sharp and shiny. Everything is amplified.


Barbiecore Hair Styling


Jack Spencer, House76: I’m into Barbiecore. For years now it’s been all about natural hair like balayage and things growing out naturally. I’m over it! Working in a salon five days a week you get bored of always doing the same thing. So, from that perspective, I like the idea of changing it up and going for looks that are more out-there and fun. I will encourage it as much as I can. We’ve gotten into this thing in the salon where you’re creating hair for clients that only needs to be done every six months. It’s not really cost-effective; so I’m happy for styles that need more maintenance. 


Barbiecore Hair Styling


Ponytail fun

Emma Hunt: My favourite Barbie look is the classic slicked-back ponytail with the flick at the end and the fringe that comes down at the side. I would use EXPANDA Volume, SMOOTH&SHINE and Max Control Hairspray. I would smooth the hair out to get the fringe nice and smooth. I would use a tong to get a great flick on the end of the ponytail. 

Narad: I would recreate a classic Barbie ponytail which is a really nice high pony. Using a large tong, I would set the hair using BLOW&SET. I would pull everything up using a good hairspray like Lé:Play Hairspray. I would also use one of the OG products like TEXTURIZA Spray to amp up the volume in the ponytail. 

Amy Leahy: My favourite Barbie look was when she wore her hair up in a soft ponytail with a little piece hanging down at the front. I’d style this using tongs and the 7SECONDS Glossing Spray for heat protection and shine, keeping it soft.


Barbiecore - Boosta Spray


Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe: I don’t see the corkscrew bangs Margot Robbie wears as 1950’s Barbie evolving for 2023. However, I think it’s a great look for photoshoots and editorial work. I would style it using a really small wand. I would use SMOOTH&SHINE to give it some shine. I would also use a bit of EXPANDA Volume and finish with the new Boosta spray, which is one of my favourite products. 

It’s a Ken world!

Dominic Rolfe, Forresters: Ken’s hair is quite similar throughout the whole film. I would like to see a different look on him, maybe using more length. He is used to being quite slick, clean and secure in his hair. It would be great to see something looser.


Barbie - Ken Hair Style