Low Maintenance Short Wavy Hairstyles

Low Maintenance Short Wavy Hairstyles

Low-maintenance, but high-impact styling tips! Celebrity stylists @gabilopezhair and @eduardoponcehair shared how to use 7SECONDS Detangler, BOOSTA Volumizing Spray, BOOSTA Thickening Creme, SECOND Day and the cult-fave TEXTURIZA Spray to create head-turning short-haired styles that pack maximum volume, texture and fullness.


1 - Short Shag

Low Maintenance Short Wavy Hairstyles - Short Shag

Jenna Ortega’s short shag gas become the 21-year-old actress’s signature cut. “To achieve Jenna’s look, prep damp hair with UNITE 7SECONDS Detangler all over, UNITE BOOSTA Volumizing Spray section by section only at the roots, and finish with UNITE BOOSTA Thickening Creme from roots to ends.” says celebrity hairstylist Gabi Lopez who is a UNITE Ambassador.


2 - Flat Iron Waves

Low Maintenance Short Wavy Hairstyles - Flat iron waves


Gabi admits that the S-wave takes some practice to perfect. “It can be intimidating, so don’t be afraid to practice the hand movement with the iron off.” she encourages. “These waves are just a quick flip of the wrist. Once you’re happy with the soft texture you’ve created, you can finish with UNITE TEXTURIZA Spray for some added volume, fullness and definition. The end goal is a cool-girl tousled, matte finish.”


3 - Tousled Pixie

Low Maintenance Short Wavy Hairstyles - Tousled Pixie


Halsey’s textured pixie cut is a great low-maintenance short wavy hairstyle for people who want to spend as little time as possible on their hair. To achieve the look, celebrity hairstylist and UNITE Ambassador Eduardo Ponce says to prep hair with a heat protectant and blow it out. “Once dry, use a flat iron to smooth each section and apply UNITE SECOND Day Finishing Cream to create a piecey definition and texture,” he adds. “A little goes a long way, so use sparingly.”



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