Spring Hair Essentials '24 - Prep, Protect, Perfect

Care for your hair with a Spring routine that gets results all season. Whether you want effortless styling or red-carpet-worthy hair, these products will get you the hair you want with the hair you have.
7Seconds™ Detangler 7Seconds™ Detangler
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UNITE - SILKY:SMOOTH Heat Activator leave-in spray SILKY:SMOOTH Heat Activator
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SILKY:SMOOTH Heat Activator
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    UNITE - RE:UNITE™ Restorative Hair Treatment RE:UNITE™ Restorative Treatment
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    RE:UNITE™ Restorative Treatment
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      UNITE - BOOSTA™ Plus+ Hair Growth Serum BOOSTA™ Plus+ Hair Growth Serum
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      BOOSTA™ Plus+ Hair Growth Serum
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