Festival looks with Unite hair products

Festival looks with Unite hair products

Summer is fast approaching which means festival looks will be all the rage. This is the perfect time to experiment with hairstyles. Read on for a step-by-step guide to four fantastic festival looks created by celeb hair stylists and beauty influencers using Unite products.

Delilah Belle

Festival hair styles - Delilah Belle


To get the look, celeb hairstylist Laura Rugetti (@laurarugetti) curled the hair, then:

  • Generously applied U-Oil from roots to ends to add high-shine, control frizz and UV protection; a non-negotiable for long days in the sun.
  • Finished with the strong-hold MAXCONTROL Spray to tame frizz, add shine, and keep a firm hold for a budge-proof style.

Annabelle Hooper

Festival hair- styles - Annabelle Hooper


To get the look, Annabelle:

  • Prepped hair with SMOOTH&SHINE to add shine and heat protection.
  • Brushed through hair and curled.
  • Parted two small sections at the front of the head and braided.
  • Added seashells as hair ties for decoration and finished with the NEW BOOSTA Finishing Spray. (coming soon to the U.K.)


Festival hair styles - Annabelle Hooper


To get this look, Annabelle curled her hair, then:

  • Used SMOOTH&SHINE to create a sleek updo. (using product to control frizz and add shine)
  • Brushed back the hair, ensuring it was slick and then secured it with a hair tie and used pins to bring some curls forward. Re-curl ends if needed.
  • Finished with BOOSTA Finishing Hairspray to add texture and hold the style in place. (Coming soon to the U.K.)

Minnie Faye Rayment

Festival hair styles - Minnie Faye Rayment


To get the look, Minnie:

  • Sprayed Le:Play Hairspray directly onto the brush (a good hack). This tames flyaways and helps to keep the ponytail in place all day. 
  • Wrapped small sections of hair around the hair tie for a cleaner look.
  • Braided three small sections and added a sprinkle of EXPANDA Dust before teasing them. This adds extra grip, fullness and texture.
  • Finished with the 7SECONDS Glossing Spray for shine and UV protection.

We look forward to seeing all the fun festival looks you create this year.