Five hair trends that’ll take you from summer to autumn

Five hair trends that’ll take you from summer to autumn

With the new season here, there’s no better time to hit the refresh button on your hair and embrace a new look. Find out what Autumn Trends celebrity hair stylists are loving, plus their pro tips on how to achieve each look at home using UNITE.


Faux Bangs

5 Hair Trends That’ll Take You From Summer to Autumn - Faux Bangs


“Autumn is here and the temperature is cooling down, which makes now the best time to add faux hair without the fear of overheating.” says celebrity stylist Jenn Lagron. “Once your hair is styled and you’re ready to apply the bangs, spray your hair with BOOSTA Finishing Spray where you will place the bangs to create grip and hold. For extra hold, spray the product onto the clips too. I call this insurance. Next apply 7SECONDS Glossing Spray all over to add shine and protect from UV rays all day.” @jennlagron


Sleek Twisted Bun

5 Hair Trends That’ll Take You From Summer to Autumn - Sleek twisted bun


“Autumn means bundling up and more layers of clothing. A structured hairstyle such as this Sleek Bun with Twists can complete the ultimate Autumn look” says Jenn. “The less you think about where to place the twists the better it looks and the more fun you will have! To achieve the look, start by applying ELEVATE Mousse at the roots and snatch the hair back into a ponytail. Pump a heavy amount of U Oil into your palms to coat the entire ponytail until it almost looks wet. This will tame frizz in your twists and add shine. Twist small sections of hair in alternating directions and pin into a bun formation. Complete the look with BOOSTA Finishing Spray to lock it in.” @Jennlagron


French Twist

5 Hair Trends That’ll Take You From Summer to Autumn - French twist


“Claw clips have been everyone’s go-to hair accessory for a few years now and I think the French twist is a great alternative to a bun or ponytail for wearing your hair up” , says celeb stylist Cherilyn Farris. “You can keep it polished or go for something more loose and tousled. It’s just a chic and timeless way of putting your hair up. To achieve the look, start on dry hair and use BEACH Day Spray to add some grip to the hair to help the style hold. I’ll use a combination of bobbi pins and French hair pins and then spray GO365 Hairspray. I love how you can customise the hold strength of this hairspray.” @cherilynrachelle


Tight Waves

5 Hair Trends That’ll Take You From Summer to Autumn - Tight waves


“Overnight heatless styling has been continually rising in popularity and fun wavers have made styling texture easier for everyone. Tight wavy hair has an effortless and versatile vibe so it’s great for most days and events.” says Cherilyn. “For more of a lived-in feel that feels less like mermaid waves and more like polished texture, spray 7SECONDS Glossing Spray throughout dry hair for thermal protection and shine before using a 3-barrel waver or flat-iron to make tight S-waves. Take a pea size amount of SECOND Day Finishing Cream, spread it on fingers and palms and rake through the ends for definition.” @cherilynrachelle


Bouncy High Shine

5 Hair Trends That’ll Take You From Summer to Autumn - Bouncy high shine


“This season we’ll mix two of my favourite trends, glass hair and a bouncy blow dry. The look is chic and sleek with soft movement on the ends and a beautiful high, shine finish.” says Sophie. “A key product to creating this look is SMOOTH&SHINE Styling Cream. This product is a fantastic prep for the hair that will instantly add shine and softness whilst promoting healthy hair. Take your round brush and bevel the ends, or once the hair is dried, grab your big barrel tong to create movement to the ends. Shine spray is another must-have when creating this look. I love 7SECONDS Glossing Spray. Try adding a luxe side part to take this style to the next level.” @themanestyle

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